Wages for a freedom woman.

We opened the doors of this particular freedom business in 2001. It is located in one of Asia’s largest red light areas with around 10,000 sex workers; many of whom were trafficked from small and remote villages. The vision of this business is to provide alternative employment, and opportunities for freedom, as a way to empower women to leave the sex trade. 

Operating for over 18 years, this freedom business has served as an inspiration to many and has seen success in multiple areas. It has grown rapidly in that time, making it among the largest organisations of its kind. 
However, the business now faces significant challenges and is currently in the process of merging with two other organisations. 
The business had employed a large number of women to work on new products and manufacturing systems that have failed. The business now does not have enough orders to provide work for all the women employed. 

NZBMS have agreed to subsidise the employment of 82 women during the merger transition period. We ask you to please consider financially contributing towards this cost. 

Estimated Financial Need: $2,500 per woman, per year (82 women to be subsidised in the upcoming 2019/2020 year) 

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