This is the real stuff.

A few years ago I found myself in a classroom with 50+ ten and eleven year olds. That would not necessarily faze me, however the classroom was not in NZ, it was on the other side of the world at StPauls School. I was required to teach English for 40 minutes to these beautiful young people who could not understand my accent and had limited spoken English. All they wanted from me was my signature in their workbooks. I sent up a frantic prayer as I saw the class could disintegrate into chaos anytime soon. I wrote a word on the black board “over” and then drew a line underneath it and under that wrote theword “under”. One lone student started nodding so I called out another word and asked for the opposite...that student called out the answer and slowly the class caught on. Chaos averted! 

Some of the students in the class were sponsored by people from NZ. Their own families’ poverty meant that they would never have had the chance to be in a class interacting with others and gaining insight into basic subjects that will in time prepare them for higher education opportunities, paid employmentand the huge chance of lifting their family out of poverty. This was and is real stuff. 

Our sponsorship of a child doesn’t just make a small change in their life; it can make a huge change. It will enable the opposite to happen. From impossible to potential, from hardship to security, from illiterate to educated, the list goes on. 

Sponsoring a child takes $45 per month from your wallet and 15 minutes of your time, three times a year in reading their letter to you and writing a return letter. We currently have 14 students who are looking for a sponsor. Please will you consider opening your heart and adding another child to your family’s budget. 

Written by our global worker, Angela.

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