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Loyal Workshop

The Loyal Workshop was founded to bring freedom. Modern day slavery is phenomenon that we are not prepared to be apathetic about. We believe that another world is possible; a world where sex slavery is relegated to the history books. It’s a brazen dream but we’re putting it into action in one city, in one red-light community, with one woman at a time.

Every satchel, belt, bag and wristband is hand stitched with love and with freedom. We started with just 5 employees and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.


Sustainable, people-centred products.

Joyya (formerly Freeset), opened its doors in 2001 with twenty women brave enough to trust a couple of foreigners and seize the opportunity to leave the sex trade behind. Priya, an Indian doctor working in the community, played a key role in facilitating that trust and helping to grow the business.

A factory that once produced 2 bags a day, now offers a fully customizable line of bags, t-shirts and masks. The products are made with environmentally conscious materials (100% organic cotton) and printing techniques, and with freedom at the core of their business.

Today more than 250 women are on their journey to freedom at Joyya.

Woven Life Foundation

Alongside the local church, WovenLife was established in 2018 in a low socio-economic rural area of South East Asia. The team living there are developing projects and initiatives to cultivate economic and relational growth. WovenLife’s logo perfectly captures their dream –the vibrant green of rice growing from the orange brown soil of the region, describing our desire to be deeply planted in the land – the image is of mana whenua woven together with their arms raised in celebration and praise.

Love Calcutta Arts

In the freedom business, Love Calcutta Arts provides an opportunity for women to leave the sex trade. The team produce incredible hand-stitched blankets, table runners, bags and journals- each with their own story woven into the fabric. Run completely locally and independently, we are a big fans of the heart and purpose behind this fair trade business.

Tripura Baptist Christian Union

The TBCU is a self-supporting, self-propagating and self-governing organisation, led completely independently and locally. It is a not-for-profit, existing solely to fulfil it’s objectives. Presently the TBCU is made up of 17 associations scattered throughout the state, with 850 congregations.

In partnership with the TBCU, NZBMS supports a student sponsorship programme.

Student Sponsorship Programme
This programme provides a home and an education to kids who come from marginalised communities and ethnic groups in South Asia. To ensure this programme is functional and meaningful, we cooperate with the Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship and Tripura Baptist Christian Union to support 5 hostels around South Asia.

“Thank you for sponsoring me although we are unknown, but as we go through the Bible we are all brothers and sisters.” – 16 year old hostel student

Our sponsors have 2 options; they may choose to support a specific hostel or student. Your donation will meet crucial needs such as healthcare, meals, education, stationery, staff wages, and hostel maintenance costs. We have joyfully watched as many of our former students go on to become teachers, doctors, pastors and more in their local communities.

For $50 a month, you can become a partner not only of these hostels, but of the communities these students will grow to serve.
Click here to donate.

Tranzsend Bangladesh

A Bangladesh based and registered NGO, Tranzsend Bangladesh is carrying out the ministry of Tranzsend on the ground in Bangladesh. They provide pastoral support and development, humanitarian aid in crises, and are deeply committed to restoration in their nation.

Language Training Centre and Kindergarten

We work with two educational businesses in East Asia - a language training centre and kindergarten. The kindergarten is the only one in the city that serves families with special needs children. Through these businesses we have strong relationships with local schools, businesses and government. Over the years many staff, students and families of these two businesses have met Jesus and been transformed by Wairua Tapu.
The Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship were our organisation’s first partner. We have a strong and meaningful relationship, taking close interest in one another’s projects and mission. We recently celebrated 100 years with them in Bangladesh! They are key partners for us particularly in our Student Sponsorship program, with BBCF establishing hostels and learning centres for children from marginalised communities.

Bags for Freedom

Bags for Freedom are a collective of volunteers based out of Hamilton, Aotearoa. With a regular presence at local markets and festivals, their stall is a hub for etchical consumption. Selling Loyal Workshop, Joyya, and LCA products, they are spreading a message of hope and change with every purchase made.

If you'd like to replicate their stall at your local markets, drop us a line!
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