Sponsor a Student

“Thank you for sponsoring me although we 
are unknown, but as we go through the 
Bible we are all brothers and sisters.” 
– 16 year old hostel student
Sunil, 16
Manobi, 15 (old photo)
Support one of our students!

Hostel Profile!

Our sponsors have 2 options
sponsoring a specific hostel OR
sponsoring a specific student. 

Your donation will meet crucial needs such as 
healthcare, meals, education, stationery, staff wages, and hostel maintenance costs
We have joyfully watched as many of our former students go on to become 
teachers, doctors, pastors and more in their local communities.
Telegu Hostel Sylhet, Bangladesh
Mymensingh Hostel Bangladesh
John Takle Hostel Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh
St Paul's Hostel Agartala, Tripura
Feni Hostel Bangladesh

For $50 a month, you can become a partner not only of these hostels,
but of the communities these students will grow to serve.

Sponsoring a student will provide a home and an education to kids
 from marginalised communities and ethnic groups in South Asia. 
To ensure this programme is functional and meaningful, 
we cooperate with the Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship 
and Tripura Baptist Christian Union to support these 5 hostels.
Contact our Student Sponsorship 
co-ordinator here.
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Want to show your friends/church/Mum?
Download our Student Sponsorship brochure!

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+64 9 526 8444
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