This is Isaac's story.

“It was 1984 when a team from a nearby city came to our village with the Good News of Jesus. We were a Muslim village and we had our own ideas about Jesus- Isa we called him. But as my father and his friends listened, God spoke to them and they realised that God loved them very much and that Jesus died for their sins. Three families decided to take the very risky step of becoming Christians and werebaptised in 1986. We started a small fellowship in our village and in 1988 my brother and I went to live in the John Takle Hostel and attend the local school. While living with lots of other boys from different villages, we got a good education and also learnt much about Jesus and His love for us. 

In 1994 my father died of liver cancer so my mum moved into Brahmanbaria and lived with my older brother. When I finished school I studied for my Bachelor of Social Science and my brother David was sponsored to go to medical school and train as a doctor. It was hard work but after 6 years he finally graduated and after interning at other hospitals, he went to work in the Christian Medical Centre inBrahmanbaria. 

In 2007 I was offered a job with the hostel programme of the BBCF. This was a chance for me to give back to the organisation that had made it possible for me to get an excellent education. 

We have now moved back to our village home. We have started a small hospital in the nearby town. My brother, Dr. David, and my older brother, both work there. My mother lives with them in the town. My wife and children live in our village home where we have built a house. Praise and thanks to the Lord that we have started church meetings in our village from last April. We have no church house yet but we have a regular church service every Sunday in our village house.”  

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