Our people + places

These are our places.

South Asia

Our team is based in two countries in South Asia, 
with the overwhelming majority of the citizen
 in this region identifying as Hindu or Muslim. 

In one of these countries in particular,
 our team’s focus is serving women who have been, 
or are at risk of being, trapped in the sex trade. 
Many of our global workers are involved in freedom businesses, where they provide employment and support services to the formerly enslaved.

 In another of the South Asian countries where we work, our team is largely involved in education.
 This means providing a high quality of 
education and resources, as well as a environment of integrity and honesty where children can thrive.

East Asia

This region is home to nearly 
one and a half billion people. 

44% of this region holds non-religious belief, 
while 13% would call themselves Buddhist. 
Around 8% identify as Christian.

Christians have always been in the minority in East Asia, where many have suffered hostility, persecution, and imprisonment for their faith. Incredibly the church has only grown during this time, as more people experience the freedom of and salvation of Jesus.

South East Asia

We are currently working with marginalised communities in South East Asia where
 social issues such as alcohol and drug abuse, 
and broken families are prominent. 

In these communities, our team are often in the huge minority as believers of Jesus, but with a passion 
to have true community with their neighbours.
85% of the South East Asia region subscribes to the Buddhist belief system, meaning that those who look to Christianity are often accused of rejecting their families and their identity. 

Our team is interested in introducing these
 people to Jesus, and allowing His love 
and providence to change lives.

These are our people.

They authentically partner with locals, learning from and teaching one another.
They are our hands on the ground, deeply committed to the workplaces and communities they live in. They work to empower and equip people in a faith-based, sustainable and just way.


East Asia
Music, Young people with disabilities, Community Engagement


East Asia
Business, Early Childhood

Andrew & Roanna

South East Asia
Training, Corporate Communications, Community Development

Ross & Cindy

South Asia
Education, Teacher Training, IT resourcing

Ginny & Tsao

South Asia
Pastoral Care, Discipleship, Cross-cultural Development

Jo & Charlie

South Asia
Administration, Community Engagement

Lizzie & Joel

South Asia
Communications, Staff Development

Paul & Sarah

South Asia
Business Management

Leonora & Peter

South Asia
Business Development, Heritage Work

Helen & John

South Asia
Business Administration, Organisation Relationships, Local Staff Support

Ryan & Sophie

South Asia
IT and Operational Management, English Tuition, Community Engagement


South Asia
Teaching, Early Childhood, Ministry Development


South Asia
Business Management
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