"Is is Christmas today?", they asked.

I am a planner. I always have been and no doubt always will be. So it was no surprise that mid-way through November I had walked around to the local courier office to gather a parcel for Christmas.

“Anna, where have you been? And what have you got?” were the calls of excitement as I drew near to my two neighbours standing in the street. I start to explain. “Is it Christmas today?” they ask innocently. 

I almost laughed as I thought they were joking but then my brain clicked, of course they had no reason to know what I have taken for granted all my life. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th December I explain, but that I wanted to be organised for my husband. “But Anna what is Christmas all about?” 

What is Christmas all about? What a beautiful question and a brave one at that. There was a sense of excitement to share the name of Jesus with my neighbours that afternoon, to say his name out loud, but knowing my answer to this question was just the beginning of the journey for them. “It is when we remember Jesus’ birthday” I explain wishing as always that my language was further on than it is. “Oh, I never understood” said one of my beautiful neighbours as she stood and pondered this new information. I nodded and said, “actually, lots of foreigners do not understand this either. They get so busy about buying presents and being busy that they forget what Christmas is about”. We spoke a bit longer about God. What do I believe? Where does God live? All I can do is trust in the seed that was planted on the day I picked up the parcel. Where Jesus’ name was spoken to our neighbour and for her to ponder on the meaning of Christmas.

By our global worker, Roanna

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