Leave a legacy

Why a legacy?

Our work is possible because of the generous groups and churches who entrust their donations to us. We take this stewardship seriously.
We never account for legacies- they are above and beyond, and enable us to reach further and do more. They ensure that growth can happen, and have an ongoing effect long after the initial investment.

“A legacy is not leaving 
something for people, 
it’s leaving something in people”

Download our legacy brochure (PDF-3MB)

Your legacy, your choice

If there is a specific project or place you would like to leave a legacy for, we will absolutely honour your preferences. This is an important part of the legacy process for us. There are four main legacy options, ensuring you’re able to choose an approach which feels right for you.

A specific amount

This is a fixed amount of your choosing depending on your own circumstances. This type of request may occasionally need to be reviewed or changed depending on your changing circumstances and needs.

A specified item

This might include property, insurance policies, shares or other items of value. Our commitment to legacy leavers is to always maximise the value of their item to ensure the best return possible.

A percentage of the estate

This is when you would specify a percentage of an estate, rather than a pre-decided fixed amount. The advantage of this type of legacy is that reviews are less likely to be necessary. 

A residual amount

This is when you have made provisions for your family and all other special needs, with the remaining balance of the estate becoming the legacy amount. This type of legacy ensures all commitments have been met and reduces the possibility of disputes.
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