weaveHandwoven scarves, produced at Freeset Fabrics, are now on sale in New Zealand, and we are celebrating!

Freeset Fabrics is a Freedom Business, located in West Bengal, India. It is the first Freedom Business to be established out of a joint Banzaid and Marketplacers initiative aimed at ending the trafficking of local women and children into the sex trade.

Through a Business Incubator, Banzaid and Marketplacers are working together to establish four Freedom Businesses over the next five years, which will offer employment 250 vulnerable women. Our long term vision is to facilitate many more Freedom Businesses being established in West Bengal, which will bring economic freedom to impoverished communities and employment opportunities for those most at risk of exploitation.

It has taken many months to set up Freeset Fabrics and to train local women in the art of weaving. We are now celebrating the arrival of the first shipment of scarves to New Zealand and we are encouraged by how well they are selling.

To view the range of Freeset Fabrics scarves currently available in New Zealand, please click here to visit the Marketplacers NZ store.

To learn more about our Business Incubator in West Bengal, please click here.

Thank you to the New Zealand Aid Programme for their financial support of Banzaid’s Business Incubator Initiative in West Bengal.

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