rachel 1440x810We are thankful to our generous supporters who have participated in the 2017 Christmas Angel Appeal. Your prayers, encouragement and financial giving have all contributed greatly to our work across Asia
For our 2017 Christmas Angel appeal our video was focused on Rachel, the matron at St Paul’s Hostel in Tripura. We have had wonderful feedback from our supporters on the sincerity and heartfelt nature of Rachel’s prayer. For those of you who would like to reflect once again on Rachel’s words, a transcribed version is below:

Rachel’s Prayer (as prayed in the 2017 Christmas Angel Appeal video)

Thank you God for this moment where we can talk about the beautiful things that you are doing in this hostel.

Surely God you are at work, and when we count our blessings and name them one by one we see Lord God that you have been at work and you are working in the lives of these children in every way, not just academically, but as a person. Building them up for a generation who will know you. For a generation who will fear your name, for a generation who will make a difference in our state, society, in the world.

God we thank you for this time. God I thank you for the opportunity to serve these children, each one of them, as much as it costs and demands, but thank you for the grace so sufficient in every needy hour.

We continue to pray that you will continue to work in their lives in the way you want Lord, and shape their lives in the way you have planned before they were even formed and created.

We pray and commit every one of these children once more into your hands, and the hostel into your loving hands knowing that Lord you who start the work is more than faithful to complete it.
In Jesus name, we pray this.


(The full video can be viewed here.)

Our hope is that Rachel’s prayer has inspired, and will continue to inspire your own prayers for our student sponsorship programme. In the year ahead, please continue to pray for the students and teachers we support across India and Bangladesh. May they feel well loved and cared for by us here in NZ, and may their needs be abundantly met through this programme.

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