goodies 1024x768Could your church, youth ministry or social group make use of any of the following Prayer and Self Denial containers:

• Enable the Harvest 2011- Small Watering Cans
• To Him 2013- Small Gift Boxes
• Til the Nets Are Full 2015- Drinking Glasses
• Til the Nets Are Full 2015- Water Jugs
• He Waka Eke Noa 2016- Cardboard Wakas

All containers are labelled or printed with the theme of the appeal and the year it was run, however with a little bit of creative decoration these receptacles could be recycled into something completely new!

We would really love to see these receptacles move out of our dark and dingy storage container and into a new loving home.

If you are interested, please contact the NZBMS office on 09 526 8444 or email

A donation towards the receptacles and delivery costs would be much appreciated.

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