A Vaccination Conversation (the science and the ethics)

Kelly from NZBMS chats to Immunologist and Clinical Microbiologist James Ussher, and Emeritus Professor of Anatomy Gareth Jones, on vaccination in Aotearoa from a faith perspective.

02:18 The pandemic & why we need a vaccine
04:09 The Pfizer vaccine & why it was created quickly
10:04 The evolving strains of Covid
12:43 The mRNA vaccine type
17:00 The spike protein & blood clotting
19:00 Risk vs benefits of vaccination
22:35 Science is a gift of God
27:54 Fetal cell lines & Moral Complicity
33:23 Doctors who are against the vaccine
37:12 The vaccine & fertility
41:49 Should followers of Jesus be vaccinated?

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