• boysThe B-Boys are at it again- and this time they have teamed up with the friendly NZBMS media team to produce this year’s Christmas Angel Appeal video. Join us as Noah, Miles and Theo take us on a trip around their home town in South East Asia. Along the way, we meet one of their friends and hear the reasons why God’s love, grace and mercy is being shared to the people of this community. From filming and directing, to narrating and being on screen, Noah, Miles and Theo have done a great job and we applaud them for their efforts. Watch The Video

    The Christmas Angel Appeal is an annual appeal run by NZBMS to raise support and awareness for women and children in Asia who are in need of a Saviour. Through the various projects and ministries our overseas team run, lives are being renewed and Jesus is being glorified. The community we see in this video is one of many who are being transformed by the restorative power of our Lord and Saviour.

    This Christmas we ask you to stand with us, as together, we seek to support and encourage the women and children of Asia.

    Watch The Video

  • computer 1024x546With three million students’ entering the Bangladesh Education System every year, the demand for quality education is high. There is concern however over the limited supply of quality, thought-provoking, resources in Bangladesh classrooms. Currently the curriculum is bound to Bangladesh Government textbooks.

    As a way to remedy this concern, a wonderful window of opportunity has opened up for Ross, Cindy, and the team. An opportunity that will be of benefit to millions of students across Bangladesh.

    Authorities have recognised the fantastic contributions our team are making to the education sector in Bangladesh and have provided them an opportunity that is unlike any other in Bangladesh, permission to establish an e-school.

    Through the establishment of an e-school, the hope is that the resources will inspire students to think outside the box, facilitate students to apply school-taught concepts in real-life situations, break free from the rote learning methods that are so prevalent, and encourage students to ask questions and think critically. The opportunity to digitalize educational resources not only benefits those who are enrolled in Bangladesh schools, the benefit also applies to those who live in villages with mobile technology or internet access, as a way of “distance learning”.

    This is a mammoth project, and requires help from people all around the globe.

    In order to get this project underway, the team are looking for three different types of digital resources:

    1) Explain and teach resources. These are lessons that explain and teach the textbook material chapter by chapter.

    2) Exercises. The aim of the exercises is to enable the students to apply the teaching and therefore grasp a greater understanding of the materials. It would be ideal if the exercises were digital or self-marking.

    3) Extended learning resources. I.e. Links to existing internet sites that will facilitate in a student’s learning.

    All types of digital resources are welcome (visual, videos you tube clips etc), in both English and Bangla. Every resource counts!

    If you are able to help, and have digital resources to share, we encourage you to participate in this great project. In doing so, you will help revolutionize education in Bangladesh in a 21st century way.

    For further information or to see the current Bangladesh curriculum, please contact Simon Thomas at or Ross at .

  • trainI was enjoying singing “Hosanna, hosanna, here comes the King of Peace” on Palm Sunday in our local church. There didn’t seem to be much peace in our city, but I prayed that each person there would find peace in their hearts.

    I noticed a young man at the back of the church. I hadn’t seen him before. He was sitting right at the back and he slipped out during the final prayer. I was preaching on Good Friday and noticed him there again- right at the back. I headed to the metro station to go home, and there he was, standing on the platform waiting for his train. And we started to talk. He shared that he was searching for peace for himself and his people. All too soon his train came- and went, and he stayed talking. Then my train came and I got on, only to be told by The Father to get off and finish the conversation. The next train going his way came, and he left.

    On Easter Sunday he was at church again. It was communion and after everyone had been served, he walked right up to the front and took the bread and juice- an act of real courage! As I served him, he said, “Today I have taken His name.” Once again he left before the end of the service.

    I did not know his name, and often wondered what had happened to him. I’m trusting that The Father has used our brief encounter for His good and purposes.

    Article written by an overseas worker in South Asia.

  • SWINGWe are now in April; a third of the year is gone, and the months ahead are full of potential and promise.

    We’ve had a fair bit happen in the last three months. We’ve had people coming, and people going. We’ve commenced our 2017 roadshows. We’ve put a container load of books on a ship bound for South Asia. We’ve submitted multiple visa applications, and have applied for multiple passports. We’ve welcomed a new family into the Tranzsend team, and are currently farewelling another. It’s been a busy few months, but through it all, we’ve seen God’s guiding hand push us forward in the direction He wants us to go.

    How have the last three months gone for you? Where have you seen God working? In which direction is God pushing you when it comes to global mission?

    Not everybody has a passion for global mission, but that shouldn’t stop us from thinking it isn’t necessary.

    If you feel God is pushing you to be a resource for His mission but aren’t too sure how to go about it, give us a call (09) 526 8444 and we will happily have a chat with you.

  • name 1024x681The New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society has, for some time, wanted a Te Reo name to sit alongside its English name. With input from a number of fluent Te Reo speakers we have chosen: Te Iwi Kaikawe Rongopai o Ngā Hahi Iriiri o Aotearoa.

    In choosing a name it was important that the words chosen encompassed a comprehensive understanding of the activities of the organisation, both here in Aotearoa New Zealand and in each of our fields. This intent needed to carry through to Te Reo hearers and speakers.

    The phrase Kaikawe Rongopai means the ‘carrier of the Good News’ so reflects the word ‘missionary’ in the English title. Ngā Hahi Iriiri o Aotearoa means ‘The Baptist Churches of New Zealand’. Combining these offers an image that the people belonging to our iwi (our denomination) are the vessels of the gospel, and the method employed to carry the Good News to others is in both word and deed.

    This phrase will appear alongside the English name on future publicity and communication materials.

  • doveyTributes are flowing in for the much-loved Marjorie Dovey (nee Turner) who passed away peacefully on 12 August 2017, aged 98.

    Marjorie served with NZBMS for 15 years (1944-1958); a time characterised by faithful obedience and sacrifice, as well as the pouring out of blessings, encouragement, and reward.

    Known to friends and family as Marnie, Marjorie left the comforts of New Zealand as a single woman and headed to Tripura- a land where she would call home, and a new people that she would grow close to as family.

    After Marjorie had completed her language study, she felt called to move to the Jampui District to work with the existing church there. In doing so, Marjorie was one of the first NZBMS missionaries to live in a semi-remote location. Her strong desire to teach and encourage the local people, and to share the Good News of Jesus, particularly with the Riang and Chakma people who lived nearby, is something that is greatly treasured and remembered.

    Marjorie has played a big part in the faith journeys of many people, and she is adored by the people she served for her warm, loving and caring heart. At the hearing of her passing, the Tripura Baptist Christian Union (TBCU) and St Paul’s School closed their offices for a day, and announced it would be a day of mourning. This act alone shows the great deal of respect the TBCU and others, have for Marjorie and the work she has been a part of in Tripura.

    Prior to moving to Tripura, Marjorie was a trained journalist and elocution teacher; however, upon reaching Tripura she directed her focus more toward the health and education of those in her community. Her writing and language skills were greatly appreciated however, and were later used to prepare written teaching materials for the Mizo people in their native language.

    Marjorie returned to New Zealand in 1958 to care for her elderly parents. Before leaving, Marjorie made sure the Mizo people fully understood their responsibility in sharing the Good News with their neighbouring tribes. A truth that holds true for us all today.

    While back in New Zealand, Marjorie still cared deeply for the people God had sent her to serve, and she continued to serve them from afar. Marjorie continued to write literature for those who lived in Jampui and remained a faithful supporter of the work in Tripura during her lifetime.

    In 1994, Marjorie had the pleasure of returning to Tripura as the church celebrated the centenary of the arrival of the Gospel. During that visit, Marjorie wore traditional Mizo dress. She was laid to rest in the same outfit, a beautiful reflection of her deep love of Tripura.

    We are greatly blessed to have a strong and passionate woman of faith as part of the NZBMS team. We honour her for her obedience to God’s call, and rejoice with her as she is with the Lord her Saviour.

  • admin 1024x576Marketplacers International Ltd (MPIL) is the business arm of The NZ Baptist Missionary Society (NZBMS). NZBMS is comprised of four entities (Tranzsend, Banzaid, Marketplacers, Mission World) which together serve and partner with communities in New Zealand, South, East and South East Asia.

    In this part time role, you will be responsible for the effective and efficient oversight of the administrative functions of Marketplacers International Ltd. (MPIL). This includes customer services, securing product from suppliers and product sales, financial processing and analysis, annual stocktake, communication with overseas businesses, and promotional engagement.

    You will be a people person with attention to detail and an ability to work to clear deadlines. You will be able to cope with repetitive tasks yet take initiative for sales and promotion. You will have good communication and customer service skills, and be technologically savvy. You are able to work across cultural and generational boundaries and will be willing to serve at promotional events as required. You are a team player with a great sense of humour!

    For more information on Marketplacers Intl. Ltd go to

    For a full Position Description, and to apply with CV and covering letter, please contact Rachel Murray at or ph 09 5268446

    Application deadline: Friday 6 October 2017

  • admin 1024x536New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society (NZBMS)

    NZBMS is the overseas mission organisation for the Baptist Churches of New Zealand. NZBMS is comprised of four entities (Tranzsend, Banzaid, Marketplacers, Mission World) which together serve the churches in New Zealand and communities in South, East and South East Asia.

    In this full-time role, you will be responsible for the oversight of all day-to-day administrative functions in the office and wider organisation, to ensure effective and efficient processes, procedure and communication to supporters, overseas personnel and the church constituency.

    You will be a people person with attention to detail and an ability to work to clear deadlines. You will be able to cope with repetitive tasks yet equally take initiative for the development of administrative processes. You will have good communication skills and be technologically savvy. You are a team player with a great sense of humour! You are able to work across cultural and generational boundaries and will preferably have some understanding of the global mission scene.

    For a full Position Description, and to apply with CV and covering letter, please contact Rachel Murray at or ph 09 5268446

    Application deadline: Friday 29 September 2017

  • bmf1Each year, Baptist Mission Fellowship (BMF), raises money for a specific aspect of NZBMS’s work. In 2017, we focus on Tripura for the BMF special offering.

    The NZBMS and the Tripura Baptist Christian Union (TBCU) have a long history of relationship stretching back to the mid-1930s and in 2018, the TBCU will recognise its 80th anniversary. St Paul’s School - established and initially staffed by Kiwi Baptists - will also celebrate its 75th Jubilee in February 2018.

    We are committed to the relationship with our friends in Tripura and while this certainly includes prayer, their financial and physical needs are great. There is much that could be done through, hostels and the school, community development, and theological education. TBCU are doing what they can but resources are limited. In 2017, we seek to build the resources we can offer in support of the needs they may have.

    We invite you to join us in raising that support.

  • books 1440x1079If your New Year’s resolution is to read more this may be of interest to you, NZBMS have books for sale!

    We have a number of great books that will help deepen, as well as challenge, your understanding of global mission.

    Below are some excerpts from books that we currently have available:

    Signed copies of Joy to the World by Joy Smith: Excerpt from Foreword by Brian K. Smith “… At the centre of Joy’s story is her service in the state of Tripura in North East India from 1951 to 1973. Beginning with her early nursing work she goes on to tell how in 1964 she was led into a preaching ministry that took her to tribal villages all over the state… In the latter part of the book Joy describes her ministry subsequent to her return to NZ in February 1974… the book concludes with an account of her visit to England and Turkey in 1995, and the wonderful return visit to her beloved Tripura in 1998-1999. The reader of this passionate account cannot but be moved… in a society that prizes security, and has as its highest value the care of the self, Joy’s story challenges cultural norms. Her testimony is a salutary reminder that whatever else it is, the Gospel is a call to a journey, a journey of faith.”

    Copies of Joy to the Word are available for purchase at $15 each.

    Toward the Sunrise by S.L. Edgar and M.J. Eade: The centenary history of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society 1885-1985. Excerpt from the Editor’s Foreword “… The total number of Baptist Church members in New Zealand was just over 2000… Challenged by the vast needs of India they started a Missionary Society and within a year had sent out their first missionary… Part 1 of this volume tells the beginnings of the story in Bengal through to the present enterprise in Bangladesh… In Part 2 of this volume the Rev. M.J. Eade, one of the pioneers of missionary work in the Tripura State, India, has not only shared his own knowledge but has brought together the comments and reminiscences of other missionaries who worked in Tripura… Part 3 outlines the involvement of the NZBMS in the Pacific and other areas of service.”

    Copies of Toward the Sunrise are available for purchase at $15 each.

    Short-term Missions Workbook by Tim Dearborn: The back cover of this book reads, “Going on a short-term mission’s trip can be a life- and faith-transforming experience. It can enrich the way you view the world. It will cause you to rely on God more fully. It is an opportunity to develop deep relationships with your team and the people you serve.

    A short-term missions experience can also involve weeks of physical and spiritual distress. An unprepared team can wreak havoc on each other and the people they intend to serve. To get the most out of such a mission’s trip, the keys to preparation are here. You’ll get a Biblical perspective on the world, gain cross-cultural understanding and even prepare for re-entry when you return.

    If you’re planning to go on a short-term missions trip, don’t leave home without this book!”

    Copies of Short-term Missions Workbook are available for purchase at $20 each.

    Models of Christian Leadership in Bangladesh. Her light Shines! The Story of Mrs. Soroj Debnath by Susan Osborne: This book is written in both English and Bengali. Excerpt from the Introduction “I first met Mrs Debnath in 1975 when my husband and I arrived in Bangladesh. She was the headmistress of the Chandpur Christian School and a very active member of the local church… Her reputation as an outspoken advocate for women was wide spread in Bangladesh and many acknowledged her tireless work for the poor and underprivileged… After her husband’s untimely death in 1984, she left her comfortable job in Dhaka and went to take his place working amongst the Paharias out of Ishurdi. Not content with 10 years of service there, once she retired she set up her own refuge for abused and needy women and girls at Savar. I pray that God will use this book to touch the lives of many men and women and inspire them to follow her example of service to God.”

    Copies of Her Light Shines! The Story of Mrs. Soroj Debnath are available for purchase at $10 each.

    Models of Christian Leadership in Bangladesh Book 2. God Owes Nothing to Anyone! The Life of Samson H. Chowdhury by Susan Osborne: This book is written in both English and Bengali. Excerpt taken from book preface “I wrote this book with the hope that Bangladeshi Christians and others would see this model of Christian business as an inspiration and encouragement for them to do the same. Mr Chowdhury’s commitment to hard work, excellence and integrity are examples for all of us to follow whether we are in business or not.

    His life was an example of someone who maintained his Christian faith while achieving remarkable success in the marketplace. He honoured God in all that he did and his generosity to many organisations and individuals in Bangladesh will be remembered for years to come.”

    Copies of God owes nothing to anyone! The life of Samson H. Chowdhury are available for purchase at $10 each.

    If you are interested in purchasing any of these titles please contact the NZBMS team on 09 526 8444 or email .

    Happy reading!